How can I improve my condition and endurance when cycling?

You can improve your condition and endurance when cycling by exercising regularly as part of a training plan. In addition, you can incorporate interval training, in which you have short and intense stress phases and combine them with recovery phases, into your training plan. A good example of how to start interval training is Sprint Interval Training (SIT) - short and effective.

Sprint interval training is a great way to improve endurance quickly. Here you sprint for 30 seconds at full intensity - also known as the Wingate test. The good thing about it: You don't need any measuring devices, you can just sprint slightly uphill in a middle gear. The natural resistance of the hill increases the motivation to give everything. After the intense 30 seconds, you should take a break and allow 5 minutes to recover. SIT training should include 5-7 repetitions.

Important! You should complete this training on clear side streets so that you are not disturbed and can fully concentrate on your unit. The heart rate is not relevant for the beginning, but by using a power meter you can later see how much you have improved.

In addition to training, nutrition also plays an important role. You should generally make sure that you consume enough carbohydrates so that your glycogen stores are full for the training sessions and you have enough energy during training. Getting enough protein is also important to support your muscles and promote recovery. In general, it is important to pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet. This is the only way to offer your body what it needs and to be able to give 100% in training.

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