United as Athletes


What drives us to go out there day in and day out?

For some it is the joy of testing their limits. For others it is more than that. They are fueled by something greater. Hope. The relentless determination that whatever they are doing the good will always prevail.
Mohamad Maso, a Syrian born athlete and university student from Aleppo. Who, after months of training in war torn cities, has finally found refuge in Germany.

«The war destroyed everything I have built up in 22 years. It made me start again from zero and I try as hard as I can.»

In Germany and the Netherlands Mohamad is training and racing in the national leagues, while representing Syria abroad in international competitions. 3000 kilometers from home, he is allowed to compete for his country and show the world that uniting people is not determined by nationality.

«I am really proud to represent Syria in competitions. I want to show peace through sport. We are more motivated than ever. We are really thankful for what the European Community did for us, the Syrian people.»

TOKYO 2020

The Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.
After missing out on the Olympics in Rio due to his refugee status Mohamad is determined to challenge himself in Japan. His goal is to show that through dedication and unity in sports inconceivable feats can be achieved.

We are proud to welcome Mohamad and support him on his journey.