Behind the Scenes // Première Vision

Behind the Scenes // Premiere Vision

The Première Vision is a fair in Paris that has stood for inspiration and creation in the fashion world for over 40 years. The perfect place to exchange ideas with exciting people from the industry, to talk to new suppliers and to see which innovations are being worked on within the fashion world. Our product team also went to Paris to be inspired to be creative together and to visit the Première Vision.

The time together in Paris proved to be an opportunity for the product team to strengthen their own attitude towards sustainability and to gain insight into what sustainability means for Ryzon.

This made us aware again of our corporate responsibility and that, although we create timeless products, we are part of a global problem whose solution lies in the hands of all of us. For us, sustainability is not something that only describes our materials and raw materials, but an interplay of natural raw materials from a fair origin, a sustainable manufacturing process and high-quality products that are particularly durable.

What does sustainability mean to you?

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