Finde deinen State of Levitation

Find your State of Levitation

Do you know the feeling when you forget everything around you and live completely in the moment for a short time? When you are 100% with yourself - in the here and now? It's what we call the State of Levitation .

Often we can experience this feeling during sports. We start running or driving - and soon we notice how we are getting lighter and lighter. With every meter we throw off ballast and detach ourselves from what is happening around us. Until we finally get into a kind of limbo.

We believe that movement is the key to momentarily detaching ourselves from all the distractions this complex world throws at us. Under the right conditions, we can give our mind a break and distance ourselves from the issues that concern us in everyday life. Moments of complete lightness and freedom give us space for creativity, for daydreams, new perspectives and ideas . The State of Levitation may feel different to each of us. One thing is certain: If we want to have a positive impact on this world, then we need more moments of weightlessness to regularly draw strength and keep our inner balance .

Moments of pure freedom and lightness help us to keep our inner balance.

6 tips for your way to absolute lightness

These moments of absolute lightness in sports are something that we cannot consciously control. However, there are a few tips that might make it easier for you to access your State of Levitation .

Create rituals

A routine can help you find your unity and flow more easily. This routine can encompass many things: from your gear, to fueling and hydration, to mental preparation for the workout. Breathing exercises, music, or visualizations can help you arrive in the present moment even before the session. In order to be able to complete the unit without stress, you should also plan enough time.

"Coffee is my morning routine. Weighing, grinding, pressing coffee beans, weighing the extraction with the scale and so on. The sequence of the individual preparation steps is my island of peace. No matter how stressful the day will be or how nervous I am before a competition , the ritual grounds me and gives me a reset for the day. I consciously take my time for that." – Jan Frodeno, three-time Ironman World Champion

Bring variety into your training

Vary your training routine with different training types, terrains and routes . In this way you also set new stimuli on a mental level and avoid boredom.

"Some days I'm tempted by fast units that require a lot of focus. On other days I just let myself drift and try to perceive my surroundings with all my senses. That also means spontaneously turning off when I feel like it. Take this freedom I am fully aware." – Fabian Jung, co-founder of RYZON

Find a conscious use of electronic devices for you

Electronic devices can also cause subconscious stress during exercise. Be it the smartphone, which embodies constant availability, or the running watch, which allows us to constantly monitor our pace. With all the advantages of these tools - treat yourself to a digital break when doing sports. Consciously build in units in which you focus on yourself and your analogue environment and perceive what it does to you.

Use sport with friends as a balance

Intensive training usually requires a lot of focus and mental energy. It is all the more important to regularly incorporate units that focus on having fun . Exactly these units remind us why we love our sport so much. In order to get into the State of Levitation , we don't necessarily have to travel alone. The right company can also help us to leave everyday life behind us for a while and to feel light and free.

"Sometimes it's the complete focus on the pain in the interval or the uplifting feeling when it's finally done. Sometimes it's a good chat with friends on the group ride or the village sign sprint won. For a while we leave everyday life behind for a while behind us, feel light, free and enjoy the moment" - Tanja Erath, former professional cyclist

let yourself drift

Find a speed that doesn't require mental energy to maintain. Surrender to the moment and see what happens.

have faith

Take it easy . The less doggedly you try to get into a flow, the more likely you will find yourself in it. You will see: the lightness will come all by itself at some point .

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Find your State of Levitation
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