Kona – Enduring the elements

Kona—Enduring the elements

How is it possible to tame Hawaii's unrelenting heat? Our answer - the Ryzon Ice Truck. In cooperation with Popolo Joe, Kona's number one ice cream man, we were able to transform an ordinary ice cream truck into a cult pop-up store on site within a few hours. Screws, glue, spit and a lot of sweat. The result was noteworthy. Spot after spot, we drove around the island in the truck – always in the slipstream of the triathlon community.

Keep a cool hat - Kona Edt.

Keeping a cool head - a real challenge in the hot temperatures in Hawaii. Ever thought about putting on an ice-cold cap to fight the heat? No problem, we took care of that. In addition to caps from the fridge, we of course had the entire range of our Kona Edition with us. And our strong partner, Jan Frodeno, who was unable to start this time due to an injury, actively supported us with his presence and even got behind the wheel of our ice cream truck from time to time.

With Kona - enduring the elements, let's look back on a memorable 2018 season while focusing on what lies ahead.

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