M.I.T.I. // Recycled fabrics made in Italy

MITI // Recycled fabrics made in Italy

MITI - an Italian family company that has been producing unique fabrics since 1931 and was the first manufacturer in the world to develop a recycled performance fabric. Together with the renowned fabric manufacturer, we are able to break new ground in the development of performance clothing. Using a gentle process, recycled fabrics are produced, from which new products in the Signature Series have now been created.

Performance and sustainability at MITI

MITI is one of the leading manufacturers of performance fabrics. The company accompanies us from the first creative ideas to the concrete and optimal implementation. We are constantly working on the research and development of innovative technologies for the production of materials that combine environmental compatibility and performance. The Italian fabric manufacturer was one of the first in the world to introduce a range of fully recycled and stretchy fabrics with high functionality. The value concept of the long-established family business lies between sustainability and full functionality. One of the special features of the production is a closed water cycle, which prevents the consumption of unnecessarily large amounts of water. In addition, gentle processes are used so that no chemical residues get into the environment and there are fewer emissions and reduced energy consumption.

Ryzon, MITI, Recycled, Fabrics, Italy

GreenSoul fabrics - functional and recycled

Developed by MITI and selected by Ryzon, GreenSoul fabrics guarantee top performance with fully recycled materials. The fabrics are made from 100% recycled yarn and are made through a sustainable and eco-friendly dyeing and finishing process. The recycled fiber consists of discarded plastic bottles or industrial waste. The resulting soft fabric is of the highest quality and combines comfort with optimal breathability.

Together with the fabrics from MITI, three new products have been created with the highest standards of quality, functionality and sustainability. The main material of the Signature Longsleeve Bike Jersey, the Thermal Bike Bib Tights and the Scope Athletic Hooded Sweater consists of fabrics produced by MITI in Italy. The recycled nylon used by MITI for fabric production comes from Spain. Discarded nylon from industrial waste and polymers from manufacturing are converted into recyclable nylon yarn. Here, old nylon is reconverted into new fibers to achieve the original quality of the standard yarn. The recycled elastane comes from a Japanese fabric manufacturer that recycles its own polymer and yarn residues.

Ryzon, MITI, Recycled, Fabrics, Italy

Product development Ryzon X MITI

Together with MITI, we are on the way to developing products that meet the common demand for quality while dealing responsibly with the resources given to us. With the right partners at our side, we manage to combine sustainability and maximum functionality without making any compromises. The recycled materials ensure optimal moisture management with high breathability and support the body in temperature regulation. Another special feature of the material used in both the Scope Athletic Hooded Sweater , the Signature Thermal Bike Bib Tights and the Signature Longsleeve Bike Jersey is the 4-way stretch, which ensures a comfortable and snug fit and is gentle on the skin lies.

Ryzon, MITI, Recycled, Fabrics, Italy

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