Tech Lab Division

TechLab Division

The Tech Lab Division is the origin of our most innovative and technological products. A place where the ultimate combination of technology, design and materials is always sought. A place where our passion and dedication to unique products can be lived out. A place without compromise - driven by the pioneering spirit, our own standards and the joint work to break new ground.

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There are moments - on the bike, while running, in the water - that demand a lot. Days when the weather with all its elements demands everything from us athletes. Whether extreme heat, continuous rain or frosty temperatures. These extremes, which push products and athletes to the limit, are what fuel the Ryzon Tech Lab Division. This is how ideas and concepts for special requirement profiles and unique solutions are created.

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This is where the work of the Tech Lab Division begins. The first exchange starts together as a team and in cooperation with our athletes, who will wear our products every day. Ideas, sketches and discussions arise. Detached from all norms and old thought patterns, every project starts from scratch. Cooperation with exclusive, highly innovative fabric manufacturers and producers in Europe enables us to completely rethink products and fabrics in this first step. Away from what already exists, we have the opportunity to break new ground and to develop the best material and the best technology for special requirements. There are no compromises here. Neither in terms of complexity, exclusivity, price or accessibility. Once the first prototype is ready, it is put through its paces by the Tech Lab Division, the team and the athletes. Until, after numerous prototypes and a few months, a product is created that makes the Tech Lab Division proud as athletes, product developers and designers.

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With this claim, boundaries are redefined and products are developed that violate all standards. Made possible by the close cooperation and direct exchange within the team, all athletes and our producers and fabric manufacturers. This approach creates unique technologies and fabrics, such as the very light but warming and windproof MerinoShell material, the Graphene Gridflow Technology, which Jan Frodeno used to control the extreme heat at the Ironman Hawaii, or a weatherproof material specially developed for the Aterra Hybrid Pants for extreme conditions in winter.

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