Tech Lab // Sydon Series

Tech Lab // Sydon Series

Rainy cold days. Rapidly changing weather. An interplay between the last rays of sunshine, rain showers and gray days. The inner dialogue between overcoming and pure euphoria in rough weather.

The Ryzon Tech Lab Division has set itself the task of developing a jacket for the wet season that offers an optimal combination of breathability and rain protection. Autumn calls for the best possible gear for bike rides or runs in cold weather. The result - The Sydon Series for optimal rain protection. The Sydon Bike Rain Jacket with a bike-specific cut and the Athletic Rain Jacket for maximum functionality on rainy days.

Ryzon road bike rain jacket Sydon Series

Rain protection

Rough and unstable weather conditions in autumn make the top layer of your clothing the most important companion. To enable a balance between rain protection and breathability, the Sydon rain jackets are made of a lightweight 3-layer material that keeps moisture out and allows moisture to escape. With a water column of 10,000mm and taped seams, the Sydon Rain Jacket lets the rain roll off. The windproof coating prevents cold air from getting to your skin.

Ryzon Sydon Series Rain Jacket Weatherproof rain jacket


In addition to a wind- and water-repellent coating, the breathability of performance clothing is of the utmost importance in order to enable ideal thermoregulation. If your own body temperature cannot escape, unpleasant sweating occurs. For this reason, the Sydon Series has a breathable membrane that transports moisture away. The Sydon Athletic Rain Jacket also has a covered vent at the back to help body heat escape. The running jacket also has a tight-fitting hood and an adjustable waistband for an optimal fit and freedom of movement.

Tech Lab Sydon Series Ryzon Rain Jacket running jacket


The cold season brings early darkness with it. If you want to continue your evening trips in autumn, you should be clearly visible in traffic. The Sydon Bike Rain Jacket has reflective trims and prints in selected areas so that you are visible from all sides. Likewise the Sydon Athletic Rain Jacket , which is flocked with reflective prints to get the attention of passing traffic in the dark.

Ryzon Sydon Series Tech Lab rain jacket

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