United at Heart

United at Heart

Dear athletes,

a crazy year is coming to an end. The year 2020 has presented us all with unprecedented challenges - as a society, as individuals, as athletes. Also us as a young company. We look back on a time when our lives were turned upside down, when every day had something new in store for us and everything turned out differently than expected. Our world has changed fundamentally. But this is exactly where we see an opportunity: the chance to change with it.

We can already say that we have grown with the situation. We have found creative ways to compensate for the many unusual events. Through remote work, we have remained agile and still moved closer together as a team. We have learned to approach things with a certain ease and always focus on the solution instead of the problem. With the move to our new office, we have created space for good ideas, exciting encounters and the individual development of each individual. Last but not least, we have met impressive people on our way who not only share our vision, but also enrich our work day after day. For that we are deeply grateful.

Meticulousness and a pioneering spirit were our drivers in product development again this year. Our Verge Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, the reflective jackets from the Lumina Series or the recycled Arctech Loft Jacket are just a few of the innovative results. They set standards and accompany and support athletes on their very own path with their function. Sustainability continues to play a major role for us. We are proud that as of this year all our garments are made in the EU, many of them from 100% recycled fabrics. Because the careful and sustainable use of resources is an integral part of our DNA.

Our DNA, our values, our innermost conviction - the initially involuntary deceleration gave us the time to reflect on what makes us who we are at the core. This is how our United in Humanity Project came about at the beginning of the year with the major goal of setting an example for humanity. We want to support those who need help during these special times - and beyond. Thanks to the support of our community, we were able to promote various humanitarian actions. Care facilities in Manresa (Spain) and Wendelstein as well as the Cologne association “Körbe für Köln” were supplied with urgently needed protective masks. In cooperation with the Johanneshaus in Cologne, we gave the homeless free access to disinfectants. A monetary donation and T-shirts went to the Hamburg Aid Point, which supports needy people in all walks of life. In addition, through a donation to the organization “World Bicycle Relief”, we were able to equip people in the Global South with bicycles and thus make them mobile in a sustainable manner.

In April, Jan Frodeno was also able to collect a large amount of donations for the Corona aid with his Tri@Home. He covered a complete long-distance triathlon within his own four walls and inspired people worldwide to deal with the situation in a positive way.

We were able to experience and tell other exciting stories of inspiring people this year through the launch of Project Horizon. Be it Lukas Rathgeber's Thin Air Project in the Alps, Perrine Fages' adventure in Norway or Jonas Deichmann's sporty circumnavigation of the world. They all show us that if we don't set ourselves any limits, if we go out and leave our comfort zone, then we will experience great things.

Even though we have mastered the challenges of the past few months well, we still miss the moments we shared and the experiences that connect us as people. What makes us positive is the certainty that at some point they will be part of our everyday lives again. Then our appreciation for these personal encounters will be all the greater.

Ryzon_Journey_United at heart Our vision and drive is based on the belief that there is something greater that connects us athletes. We were able to observe the immensely positive energy that sport can generate, especially in times of crisis. And he embodies our innermost values: cohesion, perseverance, ambition, but above all respect and humanity. And that is exactly what connects us with you and all other athletes. That which makes us part of the Ryzon Tribe.

Short distances and direct contacts are still an essential part of our corporate culture. This is also reflected in our direct sales model, which enables us to work closely with suppliers and producers. At the same time, we can get in direct contact with athletes like you. We can only continue to develop with your feedback. Only together can we change things - in sport and beyond.

Let's stand up together again in 2021 for what connects us. The urge for freedom. Respect for our fellow human beings and our environment. The desire for community and solidarity. The pioneering spirit and innovation. Let's shape the future together.

United at heart. Forging the future.

Mario, Fabian and Markus
on behalf of the entire Ryzon team

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