United In Humanity // Hilfspunkt e.V. HH

United In Humanity // Aid Point eV HH

Once again, with your support, we were able to help people who need more attention and security than ever during this special time. In cooperation with our ambassador Leonie Konczalla we were able to support the Hilfspunkt eV in Hamburg.

Hilfspunkt eV is a non-profit association in Hamburg that helps needy people in all walks of life. The aim is to make a contribution to alleviating poverty. The association is supported by donations and is therefore happy about any kind of help. On average, around 120 volunteers work for the aid point. Shopping is done daily for the needy, meals are prepared and distributed and similar help is offered. Together with Leonie and your support, we were able to donate 1500 euros and additional Ryzon T-Shirts, which are urgently needed there.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

Leonie Konczalla is a passionate triathlete whose heart could not be bigger for others. Leonie first became aware of the club five years ago through a friend and immediately decided to spread bread and make coffee at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

"I had no idea what to expect at the relief point, I just felt the need to support other people who were less fortunate in life."

For Leonie, it is not just the fact of spreading bread or generally offering food that is why she supports the association as a volunteer, but there are clean toilets, a quiet place that gives you a break, support with official visits and medical and therapeutic ones Advisory. And all of that is just a small part of what people are allowed to experience through the volunteer helpers. Another important point for Leonie is continuity, which plays a very important role for people in need.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

“Many of the Hilfspunkt customers have ended up on the street through unfortunate circumstances and mental illnesses and in such a situation every bit of continuity helps. Especially in this crazy time.”

The trust that there is something to eat and drink at the help center every Saturday morning, with the knowledge that people are waiting there to help you if you have problems, is incredibly important. The appreciation that comes back is priceless.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

"I have the feeling on Saturday lunchtime that my lifetime also counts for others."

We are proud, thanks to your help, to support such unique projects and to help people who depend on the support of others during this time. Thanks.

Ryzon UnitedInHumanity Hilfspunkt e.V. Hamburg Leonie Konczalla

Photography: Dennis Mundowski

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