United In Humanity Project // Johanneshaus

United In Humanity Project // Johanneshaus

With the "United In Humanity" project and your support, we can help those who need help particularly during this time. We are on a path where together we can give hope.

With the third donation project, we are supporting the non-profit association “Art helps giving eV” in Cologne and, in cooperation with the Johanneshaus, are giving the homeless the opportunity to get disinfectant free of charge. Homeless people are particularly at risk during these times, as they often belong to the risk group due to their age and previous illnesses. In addition, they hardly have the opportunity to wash their hands and thus protect themselves. With the donations of the "United In Humanity" collection, urgently needed disinfectant can be organized and distributed to the homeless in Cologne.

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Thanks to your help, we can implement project after project in order to support various institutions and organizations.

If you too have an affair of the heart that you brought to life, or if support and help is needed in your environment: Let us know. Together we can create something great hand in hand.

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