United In Humanity // Pedal to empower

United In Humanity // Pedal to empower

With our United In Humanity project, we were able to support World Bicycle Relief with ten bicycles a few weeks ago. Now the organization has launched another campaign, which we want to support again with full passion.

“To change the world, we need to invest especially in women and girls. Bikes help them explore new horizons.”

Ryzon, United In Humanity, World Bicycle relief In some developing countries, women and girls have to face social challenges under difficult conditions. Access to further education, fairly paid work or medical care is often a problem. If women and girls have the opportunity to get around by bike, they get the chance to develop their potential and to realize their dreams. The chances of earning money and the reputation in the family increases, there is greater self-confidence that leads to more security on the paths and the time and energy gained can be used for concentration at school.

“Distance and poverty make it difficult for many girls in rural developing regions to access education. With bikes, they can overcome these obstacles more easily, take control of their future and shape their own path in life.”

For this reason, we want to call on you to collect donations with us to give women and girls these opportunities. We want to use September 12th to dedicate our cycling unit to the “Pedal to Empower” project. With the donation amount of 1500 euros from our United In Humanity Project, we hope to reach a donation goal of 4000 euros together with you. In this way, we enable girls in developing regions to get mobile with bicycles, so that they get the chance to move forward in life.

It doesn't matter whether you are part of the Cycling Unit or are doing your own bike tour under the sign of "Pedal to empower" and want to support the women and girls. You can join the Ryzon team under the following link and donate your own amount.

Girls empowerment with bicycles!

Photo Credits by World Bicycle Relief

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