Visual Note // Changing Perspectives

Visual Note // Changing Perspectives

When we hold the new Generator Arrow Sonic Bike Set in our hands, we are incredibly proud. Because it is the result of our striving to get a little better every day. A wheel combination that sets standards in terms of performance, sustainability and design.

Such special products deserve to be showcased in a unique way. For this we have teamed up with the fashion photographer and director Raphael Schumacher . What two high-performance products are for the cycling world, he has once again completely reinterpreted for himself.

An artistic change of perspective.
A tribute to the courage to break new ground.




"How do I bring a consistently structured athlete out of the comfort zone? My solution: create a framework in which I can proceed instinctively to approach people, clothing and movement. A framework that, above all, does not limit the possibilities . A framework in which Ruben and I have the opportunity to act spontaneously and playfully."

- Raphael Schumacher

"The power and versatility of the sport and the collection are embodied in the unequal relationship, but are nonetheless intertwined (activity vs. focus). Ruben chose to be trapped, figuratively, with various undefinable (graphic) layers.

All in all, from carefully staged shots to spontaneous moments, this provides my perspective on the collection and the triathlon."

- Raphael Schumacher

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