Which running clothes are best for preventing sweating?

To prevent sweating while running, comfortable and breathable running clothes are the best choice. There are several pieces of clothing that can help keep you cool and dry while you run. A good starting point are running shirts made of breathable materials such as polyester or nylon, which quickly transport moisture away from the body. Running pants made of such materials can also help protect you from unpleasant moisture. Breathable running socks are also an option to shed moisture. If you are looking for even more protection against sweat, you should choose clothing with moisture-wicking properties. For example, clothing made of cotton or light running jackets with mesh inserts, which ensure better ventilation, are suitable for this. Ultimately, choosing the right clothing also depends on your personal style and individual needs. Are you looking for breathable running clothing? At RYZON we develop performance running clothing for your best performances in summer and winter.