Which training methods and programs are most effective in cycling?

The most effective training method in cycling is a combination of endurance and interval training. To improve your endurance on the bike, you should regularly ride longer distances and try to increase your speed and strength. This process in particular takes time and a lot of training hours. Interval training, on the other hand, helps you to improve your physical performance and thus to be able to include longer distances in your training. With interval training, you alternate between short bursts of time in which you ride at a fast pace. Then you ride the same amount of time again at slower speeds to give your body a break. With this method, you put more strain on your body. A popular method in cycling is interval intervals, where you incorporate short sprints into your endurance rides.

Training in hilly terrain can also be very effective for improving your strength and endurance on the bike. The aim is to master longer climbs while optimizing your cadence and breathing technique.

It's important that you keep challenging yourself and vary your training sessions to keep challenging your body. A regular review of your progress and targeted adjustments to your training plan are essential for long-term success.

New challenges and variations in training always present your body with new challenges. You should make sure to adjust your training sessions after 2-3 months so that your muscles are also given new stimuli. Also make sure to make your progress measurable. This is the only way you can adapt your training plan in a targeted manner in order to have long-term success with your training.

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