Let’s disconnect to reconnect.

There is a trend among cyclists that is increasingly breaking the connection between people and their surroundings: it's all about numbers these days. It's all about distances and speed on displays. Being constantly distracted, we are on the way to losing access to our environment. To ourselves. To real life.

We are convinced that adventures are about being in the here and now. You can only have a real experience of adventure if you are willing and able to really perceive your surrounding. Without any distractions.

But how can we inspire people to shift their focus back to real experiences?

The movie

"And suddenly you find yourself without your phone. And the first decision you have to make is: Do we turn left or right? That may sound simple, but it’s totally unfamiliar at first.

Yet it gets easier with every hour. Your gut feeling takes over. Because you realize pretty quickly: you’ve got time. And on this trip, there is no such thing as the perfect route anyway."

– Sven


Imagine yourself on your bike. There is a starting point and a destination. Nothing more.

No smartphone. No tracker. No GPS. Just you and your surroundings.

To reach your destination, you have to rely on your senses. You have to use your mind. And get in touch with people. That's the only way to reach your destination. Certainly not as quickly as you could, but with more memories and exciting stories in your luggage than ever before.

Stay tuned to find out more about Off Grid soon.