Which shoes are best for running in winter?

Shoes that are robust and water-repellent are best for running in winter to protect you from the cold and wet. Some important factors to look for when choosing running shoes for winter are cushioning, sole, and upper. Good cushioning ensures that your foot is stabilized when running and thus strengthens your joints. In winter conditions, it is also important that the sole is non-slip to have a good grip on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. Trail shoes are a good choice here because they have a non-slip sole. The upper of the shoes should be made of water-repellent materials to keep your feet dry and warm. Gore-Tex is a commonly used fabric that is both water repellent and breathable. Reflectors can also be helpful to increase your visibility in the dark. It is also important that the shoes fit well and have enough space for thick socks. If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow, it is advisable to wear higher shoes to protect the ankle area from the cold and wet. Overall, water-repellent shoes with good cushioning and non-slip soles are the best choice for winter running. Invest in a good pair to protect yourself from injuries and unpleasant experiences during your runs. Are you looking for the right clothes and accessories for running? At RYZON, we develop high-performance running clothing for your best performance in all weather conditions.