Coldblack // The Cooling Technology

Coldblack // The Cooling Technology

Product development with the goal of maximum functionality. To this end, innovative solutions are constantly being developed together with the producers in order to optimize the properties of each individual product. Thanks to the innovative coldblack® technology from Schoeller Technologies AG, the main material of the Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit has been sensibly revised. The coating means that the triathlon suit in every color combination ensures ideal heat regulation and a cool wearing comfort, even under extreme solar radiation.

Coldblack® Technology


By absorbing sunlight, in the form of light and heat, it quickly heats up, especially in the case of dark fabrics. Due to its nature, the coldblack® coating counteracts this process and thus reduces the absorption of thermal radiation. Fabrics without a coldblack® coating absorb a large part of the heat rays and thus heat up. Fabrics, on the other hand, that are equipped with the new technology reflect up to 80 percent of the thermal radiation and therefore remain noticeably cooler. This results in less perspiration for the athletes and thus greater comfort.

Cold Black Illustration Sun Reflection


Triathletes are mostly exposed to strong sunlight during the competition season. Many textiles do not provide sufficient protection against harmful UV radiation. The coldblack® coating, on the other hand, guarantees a UV protection factor (UPF) of 30+ for all fabrics and colours. This means that the athletes can stay in the sun at least 30 times longer with the race suit without suffering skin damage in the covered areas. The coldblack ® technology affects neither the look nor the feel of the suit and is therefore convincing with its absolute added value on sunny competition days.



Basically, fabrics with a coldblack ® coating are very easy to care for. However, the main material is also decisive here. For example, the Myth can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees without any problems. Materials with a coldblack® finish are also durable and do not change after repeated washes or long wear.

Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit

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