Apparel Guide // Autumn Bike Edition

Apparel Guide // Autumn Bike Edition

It is the abiding desire to continue chasing horizons. Beyond early sunsets, into the dark season. It is important not to allow the autumnal weather to be unified, to defy the gray clouds and withstand the wet and cold.

We want to show you possible variants of how you can be prepared for any weather in the cold season with the right combination of our clothing , and which functions will support you in being in harmony with the autumnal weather.

First layer

Base layers are the foundation on cool days and the first layer to keep the cold from reaching your skin. The Ritual Undershirt offers optimal temperature regulation through perfect body climate management, which at the same time keeps you constantly dry.

Second layer

Cold days require several breathable layers to keep the core warm and dry. The Generator Bike Jersey combines temperature regulation, wind protection and is quick-drying. The combination of these functions, which ensure optimal climate control, make the jersey ideal for the second layer. When temperatures are cool in the morning, the Radius Arm Screens help ensure a perfect transition into the warm day. They can easily be tucked into the jersey when no longer needed. Our optimal choice for autumn days is the Generator MerinoShell Jersey , which ensures a warm feeling on cool days. The combination of the antibacterial merino wool on the inside and the insulating, windproof outer layer keeps the core of the body warm and allows excess body heat to escape.

Third layer

As important as all the previous layers are, the last one - windproof and water-repellent - completes the autumn outfit away. The Generator Series Thermal Bike jacket offers perfect protection from the wind with minimal weight. Thanks to the balance between wind resistance and air permeability, the body temperature always remains at the same level. At the same time, the water-repellent DWR impregnation offers no grip on rain and keeps you dry in short showers. For wet days when you are exposed to the rain, our Sydon Series will follow in autumn 2019. The breathable Sydon Bike Rain Jacket made of an innovative material defies the rain and offers you optimal temperature management even on long rides.


Shelter for your legs

The Generator Bike Bib Shorts offer optimal breathability even in cooler temperatures thanks to their high-tech membranes. If you have to wear warm clothing on very cold days, the minimal back shape prevents your back from overheating when you sweat. Although legs are one of the most cold-resistant parts of the body, it is important to protect them from wind and moisture. The quick-drying, insulating Radius Leg Warmers are the perfect companions for these days.


Once your feet are cold, there is hardly any way to get them warm again during training. That's why it's even more important to protect your feet from the cold right from the start. The Gravit Rain Overshoes prevent moisture from entering thanks to the tight-fitting leg cuffs and waterproof zippers. In addition, reflective prints ensure visibility during rides on short days.
Cold hands are just as unpleasant. The Arise Cycling Gloves are perfect for bad weather conditions and offer ideal heat regulation through the use of insulating yet breathable materials. Elastic hand cuffs ensure a windproof transition to clothing and protect against cold and wet.

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