Apparel Guide // Winter Run Edition

Apparel Guide // Winter Run Edition

In our running clothing guide for the winter, you will find out how you can optimally combine the collection and which properties are important. It should show you which layers should be worn on top of each other to keep the cold and wet from getting on your skin. So you are optimally protected from icy winds, snow and low temperatures.

first layer

The first layer lies directly on the skin and is designed to keep the body dry and wick away moisture. The Ritual Undershirt Longsleeve forms the basis of your warming layer. The unique structure of the main fabric ensures perfect moisture management and transports the body's own moisture to the outside, so that there is no clammy feeling on the skin. In addition, the inserts made of merino wool ensure a pleasantly soft wearing comfort and natural temperature regulation that keeps you warm on cold days.

Ryzon Ritual Thermal Midleyer, Ritual Undershirt Longsleeve

second layer

Very cold days need a second warming layer that is highly breathable. The Ritual Thermal Midlayer combines these two essential properties with its innovative Power Wool. The combination of merino wool and polyester newly produced by Polartec creates two different surfaces. The inside made of merino wool transports the body's own moisture to the outside in the form of water vapour. Once on the outside, the sweat spreads over a large area and dries immediately. Another feature of the inner surface are small air channels that store your own body heat. On milder winter days, the Scope Athletic Hoodie is sufficient for a run in the fresh air. In addition to the warming main material, the hoodie gives you maximum freedom to move. By using flatlock seams, it gives maximum freedom of movement with minimum friction.

third layer

The third and final layer protects you from the icy weather conditions. Wind and cold can't harm you with the Fusion Performance Jacket. The insulating merino wool in combination with the windproof outer material made of polyamide give you the breathability you need to complete an intensive workout even in cold weather. The additional laser holes on the back and arms make it easier for your own body temperature to escape and allow the Fusion Jacket to achieve the highest level of breathability. The light, two-layer jacket has an optimal fit for the best possible freedom of movement. The Sydon Athletic Rain Jacket is the ideal last layer on days when it rains non-stop but inner restlessness drives you outside. The rain jacket consists of a 3-layer material with a highly breathable membrane and a water column of 10,000 mm. This combination and the additional windproof coating give you all the options to move freely in rain and snow.




Shelter for your legs

Not only your core should be kept warm and dry. Your legs should also be protected from the cold and wet. For optimal protection without compromise, running pants must be insulating in winter, but still allow natural movement. The highly functional Aterra Hybrid Performance Pants combine water-repellent and warming elements. The special feature of the trousers is the main material specially designed by Ryzon. The special fabric combines the lotus blossom effect with a new kind of warming flock technology. The flocked inside of the pants ensures a warm and comfortable fit. The outside prevents moisture from penetrating and protects your legs from the effects of winter. The additional side inserts made of stretch material give you the freedom of movement you need when running. The Thermal Fusion Tights are also an ideal companion for cold but dry days. Your legs work best when they're warm and your muscles aren't chilling from the cold temperatures. By using a special yarn, heat is generated during movement, which creates an insulating microclimate with the help of the narrow cut. In addition, the roughened inside stores the body's own heat and acts like an insulating barrier that is still breathable.



In order to prevent the unpleasant feeling of cold fingers, warming gloves are essential in winter. The Arise Running Gloves contribute to optimal heat regulation thanks to the wind-resistant outer material and the quick-drying and warming inner material. Additional fingertips allow you to operate a touchscreen while running, so you can avoid having to take your gloves off all the time. But it's not just your hands that need to be protected from the cold, your neck and, more importantly, your head shouldn't be exposed to the cold either. The windproof Arise Neck Tube ensures that your neck does not cool down and does not let the cold wind come directly to your skin. Since most of the body's heat is lost through the head, the Performance Aura Beanie protects you. The breathable material prevents heat build-up under the hat. In addition, the material dries quickly, which counteracts an uncomfortable clammy feeling.

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