Behind the Scenes // Gründerstory

Behind the Scenes // Founding Story

Trust - a basis with the certainty that everyone can rely on everyone. To be one despite differences that could hardly be greater. Sport is always the connecting element. We complement each other, each in his own field, which makes us strong and binds us together.

Ryzon - emerged from a vision of people who wanted to revolutionize the triathlon clothing market. A responsible sports brand. For Markus, Mario and Fabian, Ryzon has become more than just a brand or a collection. Rather, it is a place where like-minded people come together to think and walk new paths together.

The strategic mind and the pragmatic doer

From an early age, everything revolved around the topic of sport. The brothers Mario (Dipl. Economics) and Markus (Dipl.Ing. Sportmed.Technik), who found their passion in the swimming club at a young age, became aware of triathlon through a friend. The first step in the direction of competition was given and the motivation was high due to the swimming I had already learned. The newly sparked passion allowed both of them to move up to the second Bundesliga after a team change.

While Mario was studying in Bonn and Markus was doing his Abitur, they both decided to register a business together. It was intended to sell sporting goods and later sell for a clothing brand on a commission basis to fund the sport itself. The passion that both of them showed back then is the key to success today. For competitions, they traveled with the whole family. Her parents distributed cakes at the booth and helped out while the brothers immersed themselves in the competition. The whole thing went so far that they founded a GmbH in 2007 to sell the clothing throughout Germany. After the brand was bought back by the parent company, both took a year off. Until the next idea – starting your own clothing brand.

“The common pillar, the common vision, is what allows us to grow together as a team. It is what strengthens us and fuels trust. We know we can rely on each other because everyone gives over 100 percent. We're not just colleagues, we're friends too. We couldn't be more different, but we all have the same vision with one goal - to keep evolving."

Ryzon Founding Story

The third, the creative perfectionist

Fabian, qualified designer, begins his professional career after graduating in one of the major advertising agencies in Germany. With creative awards under his belt, he founded his own communications agency in Cologne together with a colleague in 2014. During this time, contact with the Konrad brothers intensified and the first joint projects were realized in this constellation.

After further joint work, they decided to tackle a new project: This time only with a bigger vision and better prepared. The idea - a new, own brand for high-tech sportswear. minimalistic. Functional. With a clear design language. With the communicative focus on the emotion that sport carries. And the focus on the passion that also unites the founders in their vision. It quickly became clear that this idea could only be reconciled with a direct sales model. This was the only way to achieve the desired product quality and fair production conditions in an economically viable way. The foundation for Ryzon was laid.

Although there has always been a connection to the sport, from a creative point of view the triathlon was completely new territory at the beginning. But exactly this fact should later give a completely new perspective on the area. New impulses ensured a new way of thinking in product development and communication. This mix of constituted requirements and novel thinking continues to be the foundation of what makes Ryzon special and unique today.

“Ryzon is absolute fulfillment from a design point of view. Creating relevant and highly functional things that athletes love to wear is incredibly motivating.”

We, Ryzon.

Right from the start, everyone was aware that the goal was to want and have to stand out as a brand. The route: be unique - in function and design. Contact with a Swiss manufacturer enabled the use of technologies such as glued seams and brought access to the highest quality functional materials and state-of-the-art production facilities. The team developed a collection of 35 products and launched them in 2016. Due to the knowledge that Mario and Markus have acquired from their active time as triathletes and from years of selling triathlon products, all products are subject to the highest standards. The answer - exceptional materials and uncompromising fit. Everyone should be able to pursue their sporting passion without being restricted. The symbiosis with a clear design language makes Ryzon what it is today. The long-term goal advertised at the time was to make Ryzon not only as functional as possible, but also as sustainable as possible. In all areas. With this goal in mind, Ryzon is constantly evolving. Step by step, day by day, seam by seam.

Ryzon Founding Story

Horizon—to rise

New possibilities lead to new horizons. They not only take us to special places, but also to frontiers where we can grow. A neologism made up of the two most important basic elements. Horizon, beyond the horizon. To rise, grow beyond yourself.

"For us, it's about going out and being one with ourselves and the world around us. We believe that everyone who is able to move should do so. We owe it to the marvelous body that was given to us. If we can just motivate a few people to get out there and lace up their trainers, then every step so far has been worth it.”

Short Facts

Mario is the calm one, the far-sighted one. It's the dream-fulfillment for everyone who walks with Ryzon that drives him. The minimal, spiritual that slumbers in it makes Ryzon not just an ordinary place, but an energetic feel-good environment.

Markus, the innovative, the pragmatic, who implements ideas. There are no blinders. Looking left and right, constant improvement, the will to give the best - preferably immediately - is his motivation. A big heart, cohesion, aching cheeks from laughter are what drives him. It has to be pragmatic, fit the purpose, to be good.

Fabian, The creative idealist. It should not only work and look good, but be different, stand out. It can't be easy, the first version can never be the best. Constant improvement. The passion in creating, being innovative/creative. The freedom to develop, the trust of others and being able to rely on everyone is important to him. Perfectionism and strong will, the combination of an athlete.

Each so different in their own way, together a perfect team to create everything to come.

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