United In Humanity Project // Manresa

United In Humanity Project // Manresa

With the United in Humanity project, we want to take the opportunity to stand together as a community, to shake hands despite the physical distance. We want to convey a message that shows that solidarity is the greatest good of our time. With the proceeds from the “United In Humanity” collection, our first project and future projects will be supported.

This enables us to work with you to implement various relief campaigns and support various institutions. They are representative of everyone out there who works for each other every day. For everyone who helps. And for everyone who sticks together.

With the first project, we used our production capacities to produce face masks. So far we have been able to donate 1,000 protective masks to a hospital in Manresa, Catalonia, where Ane, a close confidante of Jan Frodeno, works. This is one of many measures to protect patients and caregivers on site. Together we were able to solve the bottleneck in the procurement of protective masks.

Ane has her place in the team around Jan Frodeno. In this situation, however, she decided to temporarily resume her former job as a nurse in order to be there for those who need our help most urgently.

Ryzon United In Humanity Project Facemasks

Our thanks go to Ane and everyone who made this project possible. Everyone who is there for others now.

The following United In Humanity projects are already in progress and you will find more information about them here in our journey.

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