What swimming techniques are best for a triathlon?

The freestyle swimming technique is best suited for a triathlon. Breaststroke can also be a suitable technique for beginners who are completing their first sprint distances and have not yet mastered a good crawl swimming technique. However, for advanced triathletes, the crawl is a better option as it is more efficient and faster. In contrast to breaststroke, it also protects the legs, which are very stressed when cycling and running afterwards. It is important to practice and improve swimming technique regularly. An expert tip is to swim very slowly for about ten minutes each time you swim and concentrate on your movement. In this way, you can become aware of weak points and improve them in a targeted manner. It can also be helpful to regularly take swimming lessons and get advice from an experienced coach. In competitions on open water, the right technique is the be-all and end-all, since orientation in murky water is more difficult and, unlike in indoor pools, there are often waves.

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