Where is the toughest bike race?

The toughest bike race in the world is undoubtedly the Race Across America (RAAM). This long-distance race takes participants from the west to the east coast of the USA and covers more than 4,800 kilometers.

What is special about the RAAM is that it is a non-stop race in which the participants have to cover the entire distance within a certain time limit. They have to overcome several thousand meters of difference in altitude and endure extreme weather conditions such as heat or cold.

The RAAM is a race that demands everything from the drivers, both physically and mentally. It is not for nothing that it is also referred to as "the toughest race in the world". The participants have to prepare themselves for the race in intensive training and have to exceed their physical and mental limits during the race.

Overall, the RAAM is an extremely demanding bike race, suitable only for the toughest and fittest riders. But whoever manages to finish the RAAM has definitely earned a place in cycling history.

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