What materials are best for triathlon clothing?

Choosing the right material for triathlon clothing is critical to comfort and performance in this demanding sport. The following materials are particularly suitable:

  • Polyester: This material is breathable, quick-drying and lightweight, which makes it ideal for use during high physical exertion.
  • Elastane: Elastane offers freedom of movement and ensures that clothing fits snugly and stays in place.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene is a synthetic material that insulates very well and is therefore suitable for use in swimming.
  • Nylon: Nylon is strong and durable, but also breathable and lightweight. It is particularly suitable for the production of triathlon clothing.

When choosing triathlon clothing, it is important to pay attention to the combination of materials in order to guarantee optimal performance and a comfortable fit. At RYZON you will find a selection of triathlon clothing made from the best materials to prepare you for your next triathlon in the best possible way.