Do I have to be able to crawl for the triathlon?

Yes, crawl swimming is the most common technique in triathlons. For sprint distances, it is also possible to use breaststroke as a technique as a beginner*. However, crawling is much more efficient and faster over longer distances. So if you're preparing for a longer distance or want to increase your performance in general, you should definitely start learning the crawl style. While it may be more difficult at first, you should invest the time in improving your in-water skills. There are many ways to improve your swimming, including swimming lessons and swim coaches. You can also start with a training plan to prepare yourself optimally for all three disciplines, including cycling and running.

Remember that triathlons require a lot of hard work and training. But with determination and dedication, you can make it and enjoy the unforgettable feeling that comes with crossing the finish line!

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