What is the optimal sitting position on the triathlon bike?

In order to get the best riding position when cycling, it is important that the bike has the right frame size - everything else, such as the handlebars and saddle, can be adjusted. The most important aspects when adjusting are the saddle height, saddle position and seat length

  • You should adjust the seat height so that the heel of the outstretched leg just reaches the pedals.
  • You can determine the ideal saddle position with a plumb line, which should run through the pedal axis starting from the kneecap of the front knee when the pedal is in a horizontal position. You should adjust the saddle horizontally with a spirit level.
  • The length of your seat, the distance between the saddle and the handlebars, should be large enough to be aerodynamic without straining your back or restricting your ability to breathe.

The seat angle on a triathlon bike is steeper (76-78 degrees) than, for example, on a racing bike (73-76 degrees), which reduces air resistance on a triathlon bike: With your buttocks further forward in front of the bottom bracket and a more open posture between stomach and thighs, the protects the leg muscles for the run.

For better aerodynamics, an aero helmet, a tight-fitting triathlon suit and the bottle holder behind the saddle are also recommended. An optimal sitting position is also important for efficient effort, as it prevents the hip from moving or the leg muscles from working properly. It is advisable to seek advice from specialist dealers or triathlon specialists in order to determine and adjust the correct seating position.