What are the rules in triathlon?

There are a few rules in triathlon that are binding for all participants:
  1. No Cheating: Any form of cheating, such as skipping a course, using unnecessary equipment, or receiving outside assistance is prohibited.
  2. Prohibition of dangerous behavior: Dangerous behavior, such as overtaking on unsuitable sections of track or causing falls, is prohibited.
  3. Mandatory equipment: There are certain items of equipment that are mandatory for every participant, such as a helmet when cycling. Bicycle and helmet must be in perfect technical condition.
  4. Prohibited Substances: The use of Prohibited Substances is strictly prohibited.
  5. No cycling in the transition area: You are only allowed to get on and off your bike outside of the transition area.
  6. Official instructions: The instructions of the competition judges and management must be followed.
It is important to know and follow the rules of each triathlon to ensure a fair and safe competition. Every participant should be aware that violations of the rules can lead to time penalties or disqualification.