How do I breathe properly while swimming?

Here's how to breathe properly while swimming:

Proper breathing technique plays a crucial role in swimming. It is essential for efficient and comfortable swimming. Proper breathing allows you to increase performance and minimize fatigue. Learn how to breathe properly while swimming to reach your full potential in the water.

Freestyle: When swimming freestyle, the best way to breathe sideways is to turn your head to the side as you move your arm out of the water. Breathe in slowly and calmly through your mouth as you inhale, making sure your face is completely submerged in the water again. In this way you reduce the water resistance.

Breaststroke: In the breaststroke, breathing occurs during the arm stroke and leg kick. Make sure that you breathe in during the arm stroke and then bring your head back into the water. As you kick, exhale to relax your muscles.

Butterfly: The butterfly is a challenging swim, which also applies to breathing. Inhale during the arm pull by quickly moving your head to the side. Make sure your breathing is quick and efficient so you don't break the rhythm.
It's a good idea to train regularly to perfect proper breathing according to your swimming technique.

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