What must swimming goggles for the triathlon be able to do?

Swimming goggles for triathlon should meet a few requirements:

Finding the right goggles: The right swimming goggles are crucial for the triathlon. Especially with a hectic triathlon start in the water, the right swimming goggles can give you a decisive advantage. Make sure you have a comfortable fit and an effective seal to prevent water ingress. Adjustable nose bridges and flexible temples offer individual adjustment options.

Choosing the right lens color: Lens color affects visibility in the water. Tinted lenses are ideal for swimming in open water in order to reduce glare from sunlight. Clear lenses, on the other hand, are suitable for swimming in indoor pools or in poor light conditions.

Choose a mirrored lens: Mirrored goggles protect the eyes from bright sunlight. The mirrored coating reflects light away from the eyes and reduces glare. Since most triathlons take place outdoors, glasses with a mirror coating are best here.
Always choose anti-fog glasses and take care of them: An anti-fog coating ensures a clear view and prevents annoying fogging of the glasses. So you can see exactly where you are swimming, which is essential in competition. After each use, the goggles should be gently cleaned with clear water to preserve the coating.

Have options: Some goggles offer interchangeable lenses for different light conditions. Weigh the options and choose the goggles that best suit your triathlon needs.

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