What is an Ironman 70.3?

An Ironman 70.3 is a half-distance variant of the well-known Ironman triathlon. It consists of a distance of 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21.1 km running - in contrast to the classic long distance, which includes 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running. The term Ironman 70.3 refers to the total length of the individual distances, which add up to 70.3 miles (113 kilometers).

The half-distance is still a big challenge. The participants have to complete a demanding route in the shortest possible time, which requires a lot of training, stamina and mental strength. Nevertheless, the Ironman 70.3 offers a great opportunity for less experienced triathletes to approach the long distance, the Ironman. If you want to challenge yourself athletically but aren't ready for a full Ironman, an Ironman 70.3 can be a great next step.

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