What to do against sweating while cycling?

So that you don't sweat excessively while cycling, here are a few useful tips on how to stay comfortably dry despite the hot temperatures. A good option is to wear breathable clothing when cycling, which quickly wicks sweat away from your body and keeps you dry.

In addition, your clothing should be adapted to the temperatures so that you do not get too warm and you can avoid excessive sweating. Here you can make sure to wear several, but thinner layers, which you can take off or put on depending on the weather and temperature.

So that you know exactly what you should look out for when choosing your clothes, here is an overview of the five most important characteristics:

  • Breathability: Cycling clothing should be breathable to wick moisture away from the skin and promote evaporation.
  • Ventilation: Cycling clothing should provide adequate ventilation to keep the body cool. Fit: The fit of cycling clothing should be snug to bring the fabric close to the body and quickly wick away moisture.
  • Lightweight: Cycling clothing should be lightweight to minimize stress on the body and facilitate airflow.
  • Sun Protection: Cycling clothing should also provide some sun protection to protect the body from harmful UV rays.
  • Last but not least, you should pay attention to the right material of your clothes. Polyester and nylon are particularly breathable fabrics and therefore very well suited for cycling clothing. If you follow these tips when choosing your clothing, you will stay dry and cool on your rides. Are you looking for the right bike clothing for your trips? At RYZON we develop performance cycling clothing for your best performance.