What types of jackets are best for running?

Jackets that are functional and weatherproof, but still offer sufficient freedom of movement, are best suited for running. There are different types of running jackets that are suitable depending on the weather and personal needs. Light wind jackets are particularly suitable for runs in milder temperatures when it is only slightly windy. They are breathable and offer protection from the wind without overly isolating the body. Waterproof and breathable rain jackets are recommended for runs in the rain or strong winds. These keep you dry and ensure that you don't get too cold. Make sure the jacket has a hood to protect your head as well. Insulated running jackets with a fleece or down lining are suitable for the colder months. These keep the body warm and are often also windproof. It should be noted, however, that they are often heavier due to their insulation and can restrict freedom of movement. When buying a running jacket, you should make sure that it fits well and has enough space for additional layers of clothing. Reflective elements on the jacket are particularly important to remain visible in the dark or in poor visibility. Overall, invest in a high-quality running jacket that suits your individual needs and the weather. With the right jacket, you are well equipped in any weather and can concentrate on your training.

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