What equipment is best for running?

Gear that is functional, comfortable and well-fitting works best for running. After all, you want to feel comfortable while running and be able to concentrate on your training without being distracted by uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothing. Garments that are breathable and can wick sweat away quickly are suitable for warm temperatures. In winter, you want to stay warm and dry without sweating too much.

The right shoes are also very important. Make sure they offer good cushioning and stability to avoid injury. It is also important that they fit well and offer enough space for your toes.

A watch with a GPS function can be useful to optimize your training. This way you can track your running distance and speed and see your progress.

Ultimately, it also depends on which equipment is best suited to you personally. Try different clothes and shoes and see what makes you feel most comfortable. Because only if you feel completely comfortable when running will you enjoy this sport in the long term.