Which jacket for running in winter?

Jackets that are both warm and breathable are suitable for running in winter. A good running jacket will protect you from the cold and wind without making you sweat too much. Some models are even waterproof and windproof, which is particularly advantageous in bad weather. For this we recommend our Sydon Series Athletik Rain Jacket. There are different types of running jackets depending on the temperature and weather conditions. Thicker jackets with insulation are suitable for colder days, while thinner jackets are better for milder temperatures. Our Sonic Series MerinoShell Performance Jacket is the perfect match for these conditions. Make sure that the jacket is not too tight so that you can move freely, but also not too loose so that the heat cannot escape. A good running jacket should also have reflective details to increase your visibility in the dark. In addition, practical pockets for keys, cell phones or other utensils are an advantage. Overall, it is important to pay attention to good quality when choosing a running jacket in winter. A high-quality jacket is not only more comfortable to wear, but also more durable, making it a better investment. We at RYZON love running and are happy to support you with the right running clothing so that you can get closer to your goals.