What materials can I wear best for summer cycling?

Especially in summer you should pay attention to the right materials when cycling so that you don't sweat and generally feel more comfortable on the bike. Here we have a few helpful tips for you on which material is best for you on summer rides and why:

Moisture-wicking materials: Polyester or nylon are particularly moisture-wicking, so sweat can be wicked away from your skin very quickly. This not only keeps you cool, but above all dry.

Breathable fabrics: In addition to moisture management, the material must also be particularly breathable. This protects you from overheating and helps you with your performance. Mesh or perforated fabrics are ideal for this.

Sun protection factor: The sun protection factor of your clothing is essential, especially in summer. This way, UV rays cannot get through the fabric and can protect you. In all other places and also on long rides in summer, you should definitely wear enough sunscreen to protect yourself adequately.

These tips will help you stay cool and dry in the summer. So you can enjoy the trips in summer. For us at RYZON it has always been important to combine function and design. Whether for a short ride or a long tour, you will find the perfect cycling clothes for the summer with us.