What cycling clothing in the rain?

The perfect cycling clothing in the rain poses a challenge for many cyclists. Because who doesn't know that - you get on your bike, the sun is shining and everything is fine. But suddenly a thunderstorm comes up and you get soaking wet from top to bottom. But don't worry, with the right clothing you can stay dry and stylish even in bad weather.

First of all, you should stay away from cotton, because it soaks up quickly and becomes uncomfortably heavy. Instead, use functional materials such as Gore-Tex or polyester that are breathable and water-repellent. A rain jacket with a hood and taped seams keeps you dry from above, while water-repellent cycling pants protect your legs from splash water.

Also ensure good visibility in the rain by choosing light-colored or reflective clothing. Additional rain overshoes or a rain hat can round off the outfit perfectly. Gloves can also protect you from hypothermia in the rain.

With the right cycling clothing, rain can't harm you and you can ride your bike well even in bad weather. At RYZON you will find a high-quality selection of cycling clothing that supports you in all weather conditions.