How does the head stay warm under the bike helmet?

To keep your head warm under the bike helmet, there are a few options you can choose from. A bicycle cap is a very good option, as its shape and material keep you perfectly warm. A cycling cap not only covers your head, but also your ears and thus offers you an extra portion of warmth.

Another alternative to the bike cap can be a headband. The headband is ideal for milder temperatures and covers your ears and the areas that are not protected from the wind and cold by the helmet.

In very cold temperatures, such as in winter, you can wear an under-helmet cap made of thermal material under your bike helmet. These hats are specially optimized for wearing under a helmet and offer you the perfect winter padding and protection from the cold.

For a warm ride even in winter, it is important not only to wear the right headgear but also to dress properly. Several layers that keep you warm are ideal for this. You can then put them on or take them off flexibly in changing temperatures and weather conditions.

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