What are pro tips for triathlon swim training?

We asked some of our professional athletes what components belong to effective triathlon swimming training. We have summarized their answers here:

For effective triathlon swimming training, in addition to selecting the right swimming training accessories and an effective technique and endurance training program, the right swimming clothing is relevant.

One of the best investments is a pair of high-quality swimming goggles that fit snugly and ensure clear vision underwater. Additionally, the use of earplugs can help minimize water ingress, allowing the swimmer to fully concentrate on the session. Aids such as pull buoys, fins and swimming paddles are relevant for specifically working on arm and leg strength as well as technique. A swimming watch or waterproof sports tracker can also be helpful during training to monitor performance and track progress.

In addition to the swimming training accessories, varying the swimming exercises is important. A combination of interval and technique exercises to improve strength, endurance and speed makes perfect sense. Some training sessions in open water before competitions are also relevant to prepare for different conditions.

Ultimately, good preparation and individually tailored training are crucial for success in triathlon. The right swimming training accessories can help with this, but ultimately it comes down to regular and efficient training and constant improvement of your own skills.

In addition to swimming accessories and efficient training, the right swimming clothing also plays an important role. Swimsuits and swimming trunks should provide the athlete with the best possible support without disturbing them. Body-hugging, compressive cuts in swimming clothing for men and women are crucial for a good feeling in the water while providing sufficient freedom of movement. Discover high-quality swimming equipment in our shop!