What material should I wear while running in summer?

During the summer you should wear a material that is breathable and light when you run to protect yourself from overheating. Cotton, while comfortable, is unfortunately not the best material for summer running. Cotton clothing retains moisture and can quickly make you feel clammy and heavy. Instead, you should rely on technical fabrics such as polyester or nylon. These materials are breathable and quickly wick sweat away from your body to keep you cool and dry. Another plus point is that they dry quickly and are therefore quickly ready for use again even after a sweaty run.

When choosing clothes, you should also opt for light colors, as they absorb less heat than dark colors. Sunglasses and a hat can also help protect you from the heat. Also remember to drink enough to keep your body hydrated. A drinking bottle or a drinking backpack can be helpful here.

In summary, when running in summer you should look for technical fabrics, bright colors and adequate hydration to get the most out of your training and to feel safe and comfortable.

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