Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

We are all athletes and it is the common path that connects us. It is the belief in changing things sustainably that holds us together.
As part of the community, we would like to go even more intensively with you step by step from now on. We would like to open up and give you a glimpse behind the scenes of our headquarters, as well as give you the chance to understand our philosophy and vision. Whether in the development of our products, projects within the team or in communication. We want to strengthen the bond that unites us.

Ryzon Behind the Scenes

"If people work with the same passion , it will always lead to something bigger. "


We have made it our task to act even more sustainably in the future and to always find the best possible solutions. It doesn't matter whether it's in terms of development, fit, function or design. To this end, the team is always working on new projects in order to take the next step as efficiently as possible. Always with the focus on the athletes and their environment.
From now on, we want you to be a part of all processes. We take you with us on our journey. We show you the process from the first idea, through prototypes, to the finished product. We also tell you how the story of Ryzon started. How the team works, communicates and works together. We also let you participate in our daily routines, such as joint sports sessions and meditations.

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