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The Horizon Club.

A place for all athletes who share our vision and accompany us on our journey.

How it works:

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Create a Ryzon account with just a few clicks. You are automatically registered for the Horizon Club and benefit directly from exclusive advantages.

Collect and redeem milestones
With every purchase, every review and every recommendation, you collect Milestones that you can redeem for reward products.

Reach new status levels
Benefit from exclusive advantages at three different levels. The higher your status level, the more benefits you enjoy.

That's how you collect milestones

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Join the Horizon Club and receive your first 100 Milestones.


Collect 1 milestone for every €1 you spend.

Write a review

You receive 100 milestones for every company or product review.

Tell a friend

Recommend us to your friends and receive 300 milestones.

Redeem milestones

You can expect attractive reward products that change regularly.

€15 or €100 gift card

Regular price 0 €
Regular price 100 € Sale price free 500 or 3000 points

Performance Snapback Cap Aura Series

Regular price 0 €
Regular price 40 € Sale price free 560 points

Cycling Socks Club Trace Series

Regular price 0 €
Regular price 20 € Sale price free 280 points

Bike Bidon Eco Large Venture Series

Regular price 0 €
Regular price 16 € Sale price free 250 points

Status levels and benefits

Your spending over the last 12 months determines your current status level. With each new level you reach, you enjoy even more exclusive benefits.


  • Early access to new products
  • Early access to offers & sales
  • Regular discounts & exclusive offers
  • Crash replacement


250€ - 1499€
  • All the advantages of being a Member
  • Partner discounts
  • Exclusive raffles
  • Milestone days - collect double milestones
  • €15 birthday gift card
  • Monthly club special


from 1500€
  • All the advantages of being a Companion
  • Free coffee at every Ryzon location
  • Invitation to exclusive Ryzon events & free entry
  • Exclusive Christmas gift
  • Free Shipping

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Horizon Club?

The Horizon Club is a free offer for the Ryzon community. As a member, you are closer to us than ever before: you get exclusive insights and access to special offers, services and products - depending on your previous purchases at Ryzon. You can also collect points (“milestones”) in various ways and redeem them for free products.

Who can become a member of the Horizon Club?

Everyone is welcome. Register now for free and benefit from exclusive offers and advantages.

What is a status level?

There are three status levels within the Horizon Club: Member, Companion and Pioneer. Your status level depends on your spending at Ryzon in the last 12 months. The higher your status level, the more benefits you enjoy.

What are the advantages of each status level?

The good thing is: We have already assigned you to a tier based on your purchasing behavior in the last 12 months. Everyone starts at the lower barrier of the tier level. Therefore, you are already benefiting from the advantages.

Member (from €0 in the last 12 months)

  1. Early access to new products
  2. Early access to offers and sales
  3. Regular discounts and exclusive offers
  4. Crash Replacement: If one of your Ryzon products is severely damaged in an accident, you will receive a replacement from us at reduced rates. To do this, please contact our customer happiness team ( with a picture and your request.

Companion (from €250 in the last 12 months)

  1. All the advantages of being a Member
  2. Partner discounts
  3. Exclusive raffles with attractive prizes
  4. Milestone days - collect double milestones
  5. €15 birthday gift card - after you have entered your birthday, we will send you your gift card by e-mail
  6. monthly club special

Pioneer (from €1.500 in the last 12 months)

  1. All the advantages of being a Companion
  2. Free coffee – everywhere: not just in our stores as usual, but also at all trade fairs and events where we sell coffee
  3. Free entry to Ryzon events for which you would otherwise have to buy a ticket (e.g. showroom talks or film premieres)
  4. Exclusive christmas present
  5. free shipping

Good to know: If you are at a higher status level, the advantages of the status levels below also apply to you.

How long is my status level valid?

Your status level depends on your spending at Ryzon in the last 12 months. The period is viewed on a daily basis. So your status level can change over time.

Here you can see which requirements apply to achieving the respective status level.

How can I collect points?

Every time you shop with us, you receive 1 point (“Milestone”) per euro spent. It doesn't matter whether the purchase is made online, in the Ryzon App, in one of our stores or at an event. You can also collect milestones by writing a product or company review (100 milestones each) or by recommending us to friends using the function provided (300 milestones).

What is my current score made up of?

Good news: You have been collecting milestones (points) with every purchase from us since November 20th, 2023. You can view your points history in your customer account. Here you can go directly to your profile page .

Will my points expire?

Yes, your collected points (“milestones”) expire after 12 months of inactivity. If you haven't purchased or redeemed any milestones for more than 12 months, you will lose all of your points balance.

Will the points be credited to me immediately after I order?

When you place an order, the corresponding points ("milestones") will be credited to you after 30 days from the shipping date and can be redeemed from this point on.

If you return something from your order, you will only be credited with Milestones for the items you kept.

Please also note that you will not receive points for purchases made with a gift card. This is because the buyer receives the points when purchasing the gift card.

How can I view my points balance?

You can check your points balance ("earned milestones") by logging into your account on our website and accessing your personal profile. Here you can go directly to your profile page.

How can I use my points?

You can purchase free products with your collected points (“milestones”). You can find the current reward products here. They vary regularly.

Can I recommend Ryzon and benefit from it at the same time?

Yes, that works! If you like Ryzon, we would be happy to recommend it. In the online area of ​​the Horizon Club we offer a sharing function that allows you to easily recommend us to others. The referred person receives €10 on their first order (with a minimum order value of 105 euros). It's worth it for you, too: If the discount is redeemed, we will credit your Horizon Club account with 300 points.