The Vision

You choose Ryzon.
We take the responsibility.

What separates good sportswear from the best sportswear the world has ever seen?

Exactly. The best product is not only high quality and functional. It also embodies a conscious and fair treatment of resources, our environment, and our fellow human beings.

This is our vision of responsibility.

Development & Quality

Made for tomorrow.
And the day after tomorrow.

And of course we only mean that in a figurative sense.

Imagine that your favorite piece stays with you for the rest of your life. Nothing less can be our ambition in a world like this.

We have made it our mission to rethink the future of sportswear. At our headquarters in Cologne, we develop and design innovative, long-lasting, and timeless products that become a little better every day thanks to your feedback.

Of course, not everything can always go perfectly. But we also have solutions for this: For example, our Repair Service and the Refurbished Program.


In every fiber.

Our fabrics come from the best in Europe and Asia.

From cycling at -5 degrees to an Ironman heat battle in Hawaii – the perfect textile on your skin can make the crucial difference. We will find it for you. We promise.

“When looking for suitable materials, function always comes first. Accompanied by feel, appearance, production location, and price. The challenge is to create the perfect balance for each product.”

– Tina, product developer at Ryzo
Production Locations

"What many people are no longer aware of today:
Making clothes is a craft. And if we want to have the highest quality, we have to go where it is best mastered.”

– Markus, Ryzon founder & product developer

The majority of our products are produced in Europe. The geographical proximity to Italy, Lithuania and Portugal forms the perfect basis for constant exchange with our suppliers and also offers logistical advantages.

Nevertheless, quality is our top priority. Without compromise. That's why our caps come from a partner in Vietnam. There is simply no better option. Period.

By the way, we are currently working on getting all of our partners to sign our Code of Conduct. Do we really need that? Yes! This way, you have the guarantee that every product you purchase has been manufactured responsibly.

We also work with Retraced – an innovative platform that enables transparent supply chains in the fashion industry using blockchain technology. Through Retraced, we can obtain a precise overview of the origin of our products and control the conditions they are manufactured under.

This is how our partners work
Direct Sales

Premium products.
At the best price.

Responsible production has its price. And we're happy to pay it. To ensure that it remains as low as possible for you in the end, we have decided on a direct sales model:

No middlemen. No artificial margin to drive up the final price.

That's why you can only buy Ryzon products directly from us and be sure: you get maximum quality at the best possible price.

Another advantage: no matter what. We are your direct contact

We are all aware:
This is a long road. But we want to go it with full conviction.

Do you have any questions or comments about the topic “responsible production”? Write us an email to