Face the relentless

Face the relentless

The first look outside, the overcoming. Then the feeling of accomplishment. The unique feeling of being one with the elements. A symbiosis with nature, in harmony with yourself. Feel alive while you walk through the pouring rain. Feel the cold air in your lungs. Notice the cold burning on your cheeks. Hear the leafy ground beneath your feet, the wind rushing through the trees. Your thoughts give way to the feeling of happiness. Everything around you blurs, your concentration is focused on the impressions of the forest. Your clothing gives you the freedom to move freely, completely protected from the cold and wet, and to experience the uniqueness of nature.


The Elements.

They shape us. They show us who we really are. Often cursed. thank you Relentless.

It's about rising with them rather than fighting against them. In order to feel truly alive.

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