United In Humanity Program

United In Humanity Project

In these days we realize how fragile our humanity is. At a time when technology & progress is beyond anything imaginable a decade ago, we feel that something bigger connects us. Something that each of us carries within us. We learn that we can help each other in a borderless world.

We now have a chance to show what we can achieve as a community. The chance to get to know ourselves and our society anew. To experience how valuable freedom really is. And what it means to be there for each other. We have the opportunity to recognize what is given to us every day anew.


Let's stand together now. Now we can show what humanity really means. That's what connects us, no matter where we are in the world. Let's be the ones who stayed optimistic. Those who show confidence and trust in the dark hour. In us and humanity. Because then an energy is created that allows us to grow. As a community and as people.

Through the “United In Humanity” project we have already been able to produce 1,000 face masks as a first step, which are sent to a hospital in Manresa, Catalonia, where Ané, a close confidant of Jan Frodeno, works. But this is just the beginning for further projects. With the purchase of this collection you support the United In Humanity Project with 15 € - 40 € to help where help is needed. Other projects will follow.

Let's emerge stronger from this time together,

Your Ryzon team


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